Ophidians- Currency of Lyg

Through ancient traditions passed down from the frozen philosophers of the chilled hinterlands, minting currency has yet to deviate from the course of the ancients. For this is the secret the Maztiax took to his grave; how he conquered Lyg without a drop of blood.

Before the Sundering of the Bitter Well by Ram-Et, gold was the standard currency of our land. Transmutation quickly nullified the market and drove the value to less than nothing, for even the essence of the Void had more worth. Upon Ram-Et’s inglorious trespass upon our shores, the solution presented itself. Through the hellish cracks that were formed, the twisting aether of the once San-Mundic Wailway was first observed.

The secret has always been thus, the honeyed ichor of empires is the souls of its peoples. So the Maztiax demanded of his closest counselors to construct a Wailway of their own. Through this Wailway, the Maztiax would hold the fate of Lyg in his jeweled gauntlet. Lord Krith na-Fel of Kuri undertook the challenge and sacrificed twenty scores of his own wives to see it done.

Through the artisanship of the northerly philosophers, they continued the practice of transmutation for gold currency and through guttural throat magicks, the gold ore was refined into currency with all the necessary inscriptions, stamps and value. But this did not solve the devaluation. So the souls of fallen warriors, spouses or serfs were imbibed within every ophidian, starting with those twenty wives of Krith na-Fel, becoming the standard of the new currency of the Maztiax. The Wailway at last served its purpose of funneling and storing the souls of Lyg, barring them from eternal recyclature.

The Maztiax, having cured the ailment that was Lyg’s economy, was hailed a hero and legitimized his rule over the face of Lyg. The Serpent Crown resting upon his brow, the Maztiax smiled knowing that bloodshed was soon to come as foretold by the uncounted walls of Wode-Rub’s frozen breath.