Commentary From the Fifth Era, The True Purpose of Tamriel

Gaiar Alata, 5E911
House Camoran,
Mythic Dawn Acolyte Approved
Chronocule Delivery: souljewel count:

My name is Raven Camoran, blackbird of the Mankar, whose name is known and heard throughout the nineteen and nine-and-nine oceans. My father is Mankar Camoran, Master of Underkings, who rules those who rule in shadow.

Tamriel had thought Mankar Camoran dead by the hands of the Champion of Cyrodiil during the Oblivion Crisis. Tamriel had thought Paradise destroyed. You are all so foolish, thinking you can erase an idea that is firmly planted in those that rule your lands. No I don’t mean your petty emperors or kings. No I don’t mean your counts or governors. While they rule the day, we rule the night. While they operate in the light of Aetherius, we operate in the darkness of the Void. Look into the shadows and you will find us. We’ve been there the whole time.


I tell you now, brothers and sisters of the coming 4th, the Mysterium Xarxes is all you need to embrace the perils of the Landfall. The Mankar’s Commentaries begins properly:

“Reader, this book is your door to that demesne, and though you be a destroyer you must still submit to locks. Lord Dagon would only have those clever enough to pause; all else the Aurbis claims in their fool running. Walk first. Heed. The impatience you feel is your first slave to behead.”

The Dawn broke when the Mankar appeared from Paradise, but they captured enough of him to render the words stable again. In this passage, He describes the goal of the Mythic Dawn, who some of you blindly ascribed the name Tharnatos. When stabilized, the words become proof:

“TAMRIEL AE DAEDROTH! This Heart is the heart of the world, for one was made to satisfy the other.”

Tamriel, Dawn’s Beauty, has laid chained by liars and proselytizers for too long. The Principality of Lorkhan is becoming unbound from those that betrayed Him and they can’t– won’t see why or by whom. For that matter, neither can you. We have always been there, in the shadows. We who have seemed enemies at times, we, the kingmakers and advisors and imposters and sleepers, who have worked in seeming cross-purpose to confound your jailers.

Tharnatos, the Warp in the West, the Nerevarine Incident, the Oblivion Crisis. You think that was all coincidence?

“Enraptured, he who finally goes unrecorded. Recorded, the slaves that without knowing turn the Wheel. Enslaved, all the children of the Aurbis As It Is.”

Can you still not see? Those that are recorded are bound to the chains of their jailers. They turn the Wheel without knowing, for they are guided by enraptured shadows, guiding the Wheel for the freedom of the enslaved.

“Woe to the Oath-breakers! Of the skin of gold, the Xarxes Mysterium says ‘Be fooled not by the forlorn that ride astray the roadway, for they lost faith and this losing was caused by the Aedra who would know no other planets.’ Whereby the words of Lord Dagon instructs us to destroy these faithless. ‘Eat or bleed dry the gone-forlorn and gain that small will that led them to walk the path of Godhead at the first. Spit out or burn to the side that which made them delay. Know them as the Mnemoli.’”

You have all heard this before, in one myth or another. The truth your jailers could not entirely erase from the Mythic. Lorkhan. Shor. Shezarr. The Missing God. The Aedra would know no other planets, so they betrayed Him who guided them in the first place. Who are the Underkings? Better to ask who was the first Underking?

“Every new limb is paid for by the under-known. See, brother, and give not more to the hydra.”

For what are the leaders you follow but the heads of an abomination? We stand at the apex of a Tower, sharp and exacting, touching all the mantles of Heaven. From this seat we bring change of the highest principality. Why do you think the Prince of Destruction so willingly aids us? The Imperial Simulacrum. The Battlespire. The Oblivion Crisis. Destruction is but the purest form of change. It is through this destruction that God is born, free from this nightmare.

The realization that sprouts from this destruction is liberation from the equitable and thus a removal from the Bitten Demesne. Endlessly it will transform the very name of your soul, until it is naught but a breath. Changed beyond all recognition, fluid as water, becoming that which it was meant to be. A twofold word, the blasphemy against the jailers of men. NU-MANTIA! LIBERTY!

Destruction is the tool of the Padomaics, running through the nymic-paths, destroying the chains that bind you until the only thing left to destroy is your own conception. In this versioned Dawn, you are left with an internal struggle with who you are, who you were and who you will to be. This is the crossroads of the Mythic. Unmantled save for your own symbiosis with your mother. Destroy it and free yourself from the chains of protonymbiosis. For that is what it is like to walk in the Mythic and have it’s power surrender to you.

“I, the Mankar of stars, am with you, and I come to take you to my Paradise where the Tower-traitors shall hang on glass wracks until they smile with the new revolution.”


God is Destruction.


God is Destruction.


God is Destruction.