[Fragment] A Treatise on Xero-Lyg

By Xural of the Bleeding Monks

… and so Xero-Lyg, as she is forevermore named by the nineteen and nine and nine oceans, was cast out even as the City of Chains was unbound.

Her temples sundered, the Fall began in earnest and grabbing hands made their overtures towards holdings recently unheld. It was at this time that the hinterlands of chill rose and fell with the chains of Malbioge now repurposed as anchors that would not– could not hold.

Even as Djaf and Galg burned and the Gile froze, the blend of colors, left by Xero-Lyg’s final act against the lens, streaked across the firmament into the nothingness of…

… and thus Xero-Lyg, the surrogate mother of colors, wore starlight as her mantle to see by and walked the rainbow unto a land in which her colors could mingle, looking for a voice to share in.