The Garden of The Ayleids


This note was found on the cold body of a dead Imperial. Authorities say the body was completely drained of blood, and there were two puncture wounds found on the man’s jugular, which indicates vampire activity. I would normally chalk this up to a careless vampire attack and leave it at that, but the note is concerning. As you are an expert on the Ayleids, I figured you might offer some insight into what is going on.


Captain Vespucci


The Fourth Time has come, and you have finally seen man’s insolence. The Slave Queen’s legacy has failed her people. The Stone of Royalty did not belong on the necks of thieves. The Temple of the Ancestors does not belong in the hands of interlopers. Now The Mankar has avenged us, and the forces of Oblivion have laid Men low.

But the True Rulers live on. Did you truly believe we were gone? Did you truly believe our glory could be reduced to nomadic tribes hiding in the bushes from pathetic human civilization?

Ayleidoon ae Chim! The Lesser Brethren’s cities may have fallen. In their weakness, they might have been brought low by the armies of slaves, barbarians, and the wiles of Daedric Princes, but one city remains.

Varsa Baalim’s Undying Light lives on! We were not swallowed by the hills, conquered by barbarian slave armies, or destroyed by the Daedra. We transcend all!

Immortal! Invincible! We live on in The Garden, carved out of outer darkness by sorcery that rivals Merid herself! There the Stars always shine down on us, unimpeded by the morning sun. Alabaster halls stretch on in infinite distance. Grand temples dwarf even the largest ruin you have seen. The jungle is as vibrant as ever.

Stare into eternity! See the true Masters! The time of Men is over. The True Kings are coming to reclaim their throne. If you would join us, become undying. Become invincible. Walk beneath the stars, and become a Star Disciple. Prove yourself worthy, and there will be a place for you in the new kingdom.

Star Disciples, prepare yourselves. The Garden of the Ayleids is flowering once again. Men will fall, and when they do, the Jungles of the Ayleids will cover Tamriel like never before.